Abu Adnan

DOP: Emil Aagaard. Production Design: Camilla Silvana Navarro Howalt.

DOP: Emil Aagaard. Production Design: Camilla Silvana Navarro Howalt.


The Film

Abu Adnan is a short film directed by Sylvia Le Fanu, produced by Sune Wahl with support from Film Fyn, Odense Filmværksted and Nordfyns Kommune. Abu Adnan is currently submitted for the Academy Awards 2019 and has won several awards and nominations, and has been shown in more that 40 film festivals around the globe.

Selected awards and festivals:

*QUALIFIED (long listed) for The Academy Awards

*WINNER Best Narrative short at film at Indy Shorts International Film Festival (Indianopolis, USA)

*WINNER Best Nordic Short at NIFF(Nordic International Film Festival,New York, USA)

*HONORABLE MENTION*7th Jozi Film Festival (Sandton, South Africa)

*NOMINATED at the 40th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (International Competetion)

*NOMINATED Atlanta Filmfestival (International Competition), Atlanta, GA, USA)

*NOMINATED at Robert Price 2018 (The Danish Film Academy) for best short

*WINNER of Audience Award and Youth Award at OFF2017 - Odense International Film Festival

The Story

Sayid, a refugee doctor from Syria, has just received a Danish residence permit, and is about to embark on establishing a new life in rural Denmark together with his son Adnan. At the same time as having to learn a new language, he faces the challenge of maintaining his boy's respect, in a situation where Adnan's assimilation seems to be going somewhat faster than his own

The Film Score

Patricio Fraile composed and produced the score. Recordings took place in Copenhagen/Tallinn with musicians from the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra and a group og danish folk jazz musicians. You can listen to som excerpts from the score here:


Musicians Tallinn

Marge Uss - Violin  

Helena Altmanis - Viola 

Andreas Lend - Cello

Madis Jürgens - Kontrabas

Kristjan Kungla - Fagot

Ivo Leiv - Glockenspiel

Tammo Sumera - Tomemester

Musicians Denmark

Afkil Wennemark - Violin

Lasse Grøfthauge - Guitar

Niels Wilhelm Knudsen - Kontrabas

Danni Holm- Udu og Percussion 

Score Mix - Patricio Pock-Steen Fraile and Søren Caspersen